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 2 Main Rules

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2 Main Rules Empty
PostSubject: 2 Main Rules   2 Main Rules EmptyWed Feb 25, 2009 6:27 pm

1. Nothing illegal, any illegal activity will result in the BANNING of all involved.

2. No porn, the posting of pornography will result in an immediate BAN.

Note by Blackwater-RiD: These are two of the biggest rules this forum has. Breaking of these rules will result in Banning. There are, however, other "rules" that you might want to follow to avoid the other consequences, such as suspension from Metal Mayhem Forums, or your thread being locked and thrown in the trash. For more info, visit the Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience Article by Blackwater-Rid. It will provide you with common sense forum behavior strategies to keep you away from trouble with our friendly moderators Wink
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2 Main Rules
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