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 Visual Kei

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PostSubject: Visual Kei   Visual Kei EmptySun Sep 20, 2009 12:16 am

This really could belong in Metal but also in Rock but also sometimes in Gothic, tis a very diverse music so I will just put this here. Move if nessecary.

A very experimental style of music, some bands go from Rock to Metal to Goth to Punk to Ambient at times as well. If you count Aikaryu & Versailles you get Power Metal Visual Kei mix. As the word visual shows up in the name you can expect there to be a visual part to this genre similar to shock rock, and there is, the oldest form of shock in music. Men dressing as Women. Most times bands will go straight into ULTRA GAYITY and some bands will just rule. Most people know Dir en Grey even if they never heard them, in the beginning they wore full makeup and gothic lolita/victorian sort of clothes while playng their style of Visual Kei.

But like any music genre there comes the influx of copycat poser bands filled with fans and not musicians. They look like and try to act like the perfectors of the Genre and ruin it for everyone else. No longer is there experimentation like there used to be which made it so unique, but still the old ones shine through.

Here are good old school VK bands.

Aliene Maφriage - "SUICIDE~洗礼の章" (My alltime favourite VK song)
Eliphas levi - Zange No Asa Ni
NOI'X - Flowers
Missalina Rei - Uruwashi no hana (Not the best quality vid)
Missalina Rei - Meruhen Yuuenchi (skip to 1 minute to go past the intro)
Dir en Grey - Garden (Oooold school MEGA WIN Dir en Grey)

And for the new School of VK I enjoy this band.
Mega respect to girls who can actually make good music.
The rest of you get back to the kitchen.

GoDeath - Kyoukou
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PostSubject: Re: Visual Kei   Visual Kei EmptySun Sep 20, 2009 12:32 am

some more bands:

Dio (mega fucking heavy)

the Piass (really pissed off sounding metalcore-ish VK that leans more towards the hardcore than the metal)

ANTI FEMINISM (really pissed off sounding hardcore. yes, lol at the url)

Phantasmagoria (ethereal-like rock/metal. lots of synth action)

X JAPAN (ballsy!)

LUNA SEA (imagine X JAPAN without the ballsyness)

Ancestral (known as Children of Bodom in Finland)

LICKER (all girl band, less metal than GoDeath but has good melodies)

Atlach Nacha (thrashy, doomy, everything)
*too kvlt for a sample*

DEATHGAZE (like Dio)

D (poppy sorta power metal)

the GazettE (at one point this band was good and this video is proof)

+D'espairsRay+ (VENOM!)

D'espairsRay (VENO-.... nevermind)

Girugamesh (its required)
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Visual Kei
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