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PostSubject: Alkonost   Alkonost EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 9:31 am

The history of Alkonost dates back to the late 1995, when bassist Elk (who was a member of such metal bands such as Molestation, Canonis etc.) decided to start his own metal project. He conceived an idea of music which would be based on European medieval music and Russian folk melodies. These ideas appeared after Elk became acquainted with Belorussian musicians, the future members of metal band Gods Tower. They showed him different recordings of European folk and pagan music as well as their own demos and he found himself deeply impressed.

Within some time, Elk experimented on the original sound of the proposed band and selected the musicians for it. The young Alex Nightbird was one of his apprentices, who learned to play bass from Elk. In fact, he couldn’t but come under Elk’s influence and was inspired by the magic sounds of various folk music records he had heard from the teacher. So, a year later all these efforts resulted in formation of the band named Alkonost.

Free Downloads are available at:

Alkonost 588759 Alkonost 588759
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