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PostSubject: Stutthof   Stutthof EmptySun May 30, 2010 6:07 am

Stutthof were created back in 1997 Anno Satanas by Acherontass with the ex name of the band as Worship. With this name the band released a demo in CDr with the title: “Through the Dark Age We are dreaming” and was strictly limited in 200 copies. In 1998 the band was baptized in blood and had taken form as Stutthof. In 1999 the band recorded 8 new songs.

In 2001 the split CD with Gauntlet’s Sword saw the light and was released by Avalon Hellas (Nykta Prod) as limited in 500 copies! This CD was called “Into the White Waters of Hellas” and the band’s side: “Hecate’s Embrace”. This CD was released in 2003 in tape by Ancient Nation Prod, limited in 1000 copies.

In 2002 the dragon was awaken and the band recorded 8 new songs and in 2003 Battlefield Prod released the first full-length CD with the title: “Towards Thy Astral Path…”.
Then a new ritual was ready to complete an unholy 7” EP with the title: “An Ode to thee Ancient Great Goddess”. And Eclipse Prod proudly released it in the end of the unholy winter of 2003 anno draconis, strictly in 500 copies!

In 2004 Night Birds Prod released the “Towards Thy Astral Path…” in tape and limited in 500 copies.
Unholy Distro after some months released some unreleased hymns from the band back from 1999 as a split tape with French band Nemeton in 666 copies! In 2005 a full-length CD was released to complete the circle with the title: “and Cosmos from Ashes to Dust…”. A masterpiece of occultism and satanic majestic attitude!

In 2006 again a Split /” with Satanic Warmaster was released and limited to 300 copies.

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