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 Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience

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PostSubject: Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience   Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience EmptyMon Mar 02, 2009 4:51 pm

So hopefully most of you are familiar with forums. You know how things go, you know how to deal with “certain” people, and you know what to do and not to do. This small article is for those that know very little about forums, or how to deal with people on the internet, or what to do and not to do on forums. But even if you are familiar with forums, you should still read it. If you think this is TL;DR (to long; didn't read), then just remember this. Use common sense, and don't talk to trolls, dickwads, spammers, and "raiders", unless you know how to take the heat.

Hey there new guy. So you joined Metal Mayhem, probably because you like METAL (if not, you probably like rock or punk, whatever floats your boat), and you want to discuss Metal related subjects. Well here’s a little hand guide to help you survive your adventure on this little part of the internet.

First we’ll quickly cover the Vocabulary

Metal Mayhem Forums: A fantastic site with a series of forums
Forum: An online bulletin board allowing a discussion with a certain subject. The “General Discussion” forum is a place for discussion of general things. A “Music” forum is a place for discussion of musical things. The “Introductions” forum is for introductions. And so on and so forth
Threads: A topic in a forum. There are usually tons of different “threads” or “topics” in a forum.
Topics: see threads
Spam: Posting useless, pointless, annoying shit.
Admin: or administrator. The admin is the ultimate authority of the forum. They have power over everything in the forum. They can do everything, including Banning and suspending. Knightfall is our Administrator
Mods: or Moderators. The mods are like the “police” of the forums. They have authority, but they are weaker than the Admin. They can edit, move, delete, and lock post, amongst other things. They usually have power over only a few forums. Andantilus, Phil, Kerberos, Master Cthulhu, PerYngveOhlin, and me (Blackwater-RiD) are mods.

1. Expressing your Opinions
Hopefully you know already that you will be talking to real human beings, with their own opinions and emotions. You too, have your own opinions and emotions, and you should be allowed to express those freely. From time to time, you will find people who don’t have the same opinion as you, and that’s OKAY. Feel free to show your side of the story, but don’t take things to far when things turn into arguments. The Mods here should understand that some of us metal heads are natural arrogant pigs (including me), and we’ll go easy on you if you start shit. We aren’t Nazis. But you should be grown up enough to know when you are causing too much shit.

If you happen to be a “really nice” person, who likes to express their opinion “elegantly” and “politely”, and you "claim" you are being "attacked" by a very opinionated member, you’re probably an over sensitive twat. Please be sure that the attacker is actually attacking you before you report messages to the Mods. If you report something to us, and your “attacker” was only expressing his/her opinion, we won’t be happy that you wasted our time. You wouldn't understand how many times I've run into people on the internet who would claim rape by someone who just had a different opinion from them. If you are one of those people, Grow up.

But seriously, if you are being threatened for real, grab a mod. No, seriously.

2. Posting appropriately

So you have a good idea for a topic, and you really want to get the message out there. You’re so excited that you want to just get the thread out there really fast! Well wait a second faggot. You’ve got to slow down first. Do you know what the fuck you’re posting? Do you know what forum it belongs in? You should ask yourself these questions before you post. It really helps the Mods in keeping their forums clean and organized, and eases them the trouble of moving the off topic post.

So let’s say you now know which forum your topic goes in. Do you know if your topic is good enough to post? If your topic contains spam, don’t post that shit. Just don’t. No one likes a spammer. If your post doesn’t contain spam, then you are A-OK! You are now ready to post your topic. Just be sure that you explain to everyone what your topic is about, so that we can actually discuss your topic. Not everyone will know what you are talking about right off the bat.

PROTIP: If you want your topic to be a good conversation starter, make your topic open for wide discussion. If you make your post narrow, you’ll receive narrow responses. Get what I’m saying?

PROTIP 2: It also helps to write with good grammar. We all make mistakes, but please refrain from using chat speak.

3. Dealing with trolls, dickwads, spammers, and “raiders”
This is a very important part of this article — no, it’s the most important. Every forum that lasts long enough will see all four of these things: Trolls, dickwads, spammers, and “raiders”.

Trolls are people that cause trouble for their own amusement. The best way to deal with trolls is not to respond to them. Let the admin do his job.

Dickwads are somewhat similar to trolls. They are people that cause trouble because they are drama queens, or because they are just plain old dickwads. The best way to deal with a dickwad is similar to how you treat a troll. Let an administrator throw down the Ban hammer (forum regulars are also welcome to poke fun at a dickwad before the admin does his job).

Spammers are people who post spam. Duh. Spammers are best dealt with by not wasting any energy on them. No matter how you treat them, they will still spam. The only way to deal with a spammer is to have an Administrator permanently IP ban him, and then ban all the popular proxy servers.

Raiders are a bunch of trolls and spammers with no lives who are ordered to invade our forum. They usually come from other forums, or websites, in huge numbers. The best way to deal with invaders is to ignore their existence. Let the Mods handle them.

Well that’s it. I hope this article has helped you on your endeavors in the Metal Mayhem Forums. You might need to check back some time later though, because this post might be edited.

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Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience Zeratul2

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Tips on Surviving a Forum Experience
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