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PostSubject: Re: Antaeus   Antaeus - Page 2 EmptyThu Nov 04, 2010 4:09 pm

Yeah, Antaeus is good.

France, of all places, has rcently become more and more recognized in the black metal scene because they have just had a lot of solid releases and bands over the last couple decades. That's funny to me. I mean, I agree that there's a lot of good French stuff, but it's becoming more and more considered and "elite" place. All these elitists are getting into France and French nationalism and shit.

I mean, you expect it in Germany and in Scandanavian countries, but France? I mean, they have some really cool history and what not, and the French are known for being dicks to everyone else and hella xenophobic, but most other places, like America, still look down on France as wussies and like to make fun of them and shit. Now they're becoming "cool," at least in the black metal scene.
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