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 Innavl - Grisken

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PostSubject: Innavl - Grisken   Innavl - Grisken EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 9:40 pm

The time is now! Prepare to be dragged screaming in into the abyss, because Innavl is now unleashing their first full-length. Grisken is a concept album about darkness, betrayal, vengeance, evil, oranges, the philosophical aspects of death and pure, misanthropic hatred. It's how Shakespeare would have written Hamlet if he was grim and heterosexual. It his a manifestation of Crowley's visions. It is, essentially, pure fucking Dark War!

Innavl - Grisken Innavl+kopi

Logo by EvilIna

Lord Drakh - Vocals and Bass
Count Morloch - Drums and Keys

1. Griskens Gjenoppstandelse
2. Med Blodskutte Øyne
3. Sult
4. Endeløst Hat
5. Ritualer i Mørket
6. Krig og Innavl
7. En Blodrød Måne
8. Griskens Makt

Grisken was written/recorded live by Innavl on the 26th October 2010 in the dark, decrepit hollow of Arna.

Innavl - Grisken

First Innavl Demo for those interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Innavl - Grisken   Innavl - Grisken EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 6:36 pm

Fucking yes. The first demo was a paragon of grimness, and I love the concept of using only a bass guitar. Downloading now.

Innavl - Grisken 264micp
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Innavl - Grisken
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