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 Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for)

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Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for) Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for)   Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for) EmptyMon Apr 26, 2010 1:59 pm

So, I really don't like rules. I try to have as few as possible. The only two that are taken seriously are the two main rules (see other post) and they are only in effect because of laws and the host-site and whatnot. I hate forums with shitloads of meaningless rules and regulations and am banned on pretty much all of the ones I've been on that actually enforce said rules. The only rule other than the first two is anything not in violation of them goes. This isn't some kiddie "keep it PG" forum. If you take offense to things other members say or do, you really should re-think browsing and posting on forums to begin with. You might be thinking "well, I am entitled to my views and who/how/what I am". Well no shit, that goes for everyone, and just because their views offend your views doesn't mean they can't have and express them in any means they see fit. I am more likely to threaten to ban someone for being a butthurt pest going off on me and the staff for not breaking up their bitch-fit than the person whom they consider "offensive".

I am a laid-back person and this is to be a laid-back place. If you're taking things that are said to heart enough to the point where you are upset and/or offended enough to leave, then leave. We aren't here to accomodate your needs and your views. Feel free to share, discuss, debate, fight, troll, piss around, etc. but please, don't whine. Spammers and Spambots, should this little hole in the internet attract any, will of course be deleted, but as for other things such as trolls and idiots, the community is more than capable of handling such things on its own.

Short-Version: don't take our shit seriously and if you do, please refrain from bitching about it. You are not required to be here. If you take issue with how we operate, then don't. It's rather simple.

Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for) 264micp
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Basic Rules (things I won't ban you on sight for)
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